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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities


Thank our Healthcare Heroes! Record your Thank You video to encourage those on the front lines Healthcare Heroes Campaign of Gratitude – CFT4B member DHD Films and Tribute have created this campaign to give everyone a chance to say thanks to the healthcare professionals fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. Submit a video expressing your gratitude then share the campaign with your friends and loved ones.


Food Insecurity


Tarrant Transportation Alliance – Transit Operation Appreciation Project – Trinity Metro is providing essential services of moving people to jobs and to services they need such as medical visits and grocery store runs. Here are three meaningful activities to brighten their day: 1) Donate or sew a mask; 2) Make a card or write a letter; 3) Donate hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies. Find instructions here or in this Facebook event.


The Senior Source Friendly Visitors Program shared the following three options and offered 10 facilities (ranging from 100-300 residents) to adopt. If you would like to adopt one of these facilities, contact Kymberlaine Banks, for additional details.

*For options 2 and 3 they suggest ordering from Amazon, Target or Michaels for delivery.
  1. Write letters or notes of encouragement for residents and staff (e.g., letters/notes of encouragement, greeting cards, or drawings/artwork) Please use the following salutations (Greetings, Dear Friend, Hello, Hi). Also, please use positive words (have a great day, thinking of you, you are loved, inspirational scriptures, etc.). If you like to draw or sketch or paint--it doesn’t have to be professional--you can send pictures of sunshine/Spring, flowers/landscapes, cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, etc. to put on their walls). In terms of staff correspondence: it’s more feasible to send one greeting/note card/letter addressed to each department unit: Nursing Staff, Dietary Staff, House Keeping Staff, Maintenance Staff, Administration Staff, Rehabilitation Staff, & Activity Staff.
  2. Donations for residents while in isolation: (New Items Only) playing cards, Checker sets, Dominoes sets, paint-by-numbers, basic craft sets, basic wood craft kits, basic adult coloring books & color pens/markers, coloring sheets, activity sheets, word search books, puzzle books, faith based books, large print books/novels, blank note cards/greeting cards and stamps, beach balls, jigsaw puzzles (less than 50), digital radios, wall or door room decorations for Spring/Summer.
  3. Food Items (No homemade food): Pre-packaged goods such as assorted sandwich crackers, small bags of assorted chips, soft Cheetos, cookies, fruit snacks, jello and pudding cups, diet & regular canned/plastic bottled drinks, snack cakes, oatmeal pies, muffins, Goldfish crackers, and candy. Include sugar-free options


  • Community Partners of Dallas is in need of formula (all types), baby food, and tablets so kids can keep up with schoolwork while sheltering at home. Donations are being accepted Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 10:00–11:00 am ONLY at their warehouse door (the northeast corner of our building – located at 7950 Elmbrook Drive, Dallas 75247). You can drop and go! For a donation receipt, send an email to their team:
Email Community Partners of Dallas